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September 15 2012


In response to Joel Gascoigne's post today there is an approach I might suggest:

Slow down your news consumption cycle. Consume news once a month or once a year, but intensively.

Why I think you should do this? Because it is true that news is mostly negative, but awareness of the world's problems might help you to put everything into perspective. Earth is a busy planet. Following its daily quibbles and hickups does not make sense if you want to contribute to their solution. But ignoring the large scale trends and deeply entrenched issues humanity faces is not wise either.

Every month, try to find summaries of what happened in your town, your state, your country and the world. Try to find patterns and trends. Try to find the reasons why things happened the way they did. Could they have gone completely differently? How? How could you have influenced a different, more desirable development? Asking and answering these questions will make you a citizen of the world.

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